Kelly Tourgeman

Studio Owner/Instructor


Kelly is a self-proclaimed fitness addict, Pilates graduate of the New York-based PhysicalMind Institute, and owner of The Pilates Body. And eager learner, Kelly has focused her continued education on pre- and post-natal Pilates as well as recovery programs for back pain and injury. Her newest educational interest is improving neurological function through exercise. Kelly is an active community member and prior fitness ambassador for Lululemon Athletica at the Brand Americana.

Mia Parziale

Studio Manager/Instructor



Mia moved from NY 3 years ago for a new life adventure. She is a fitness enthusiast with a background in weightlifting, HIIT training and Athletic Boot Camp. She is currently working towards completing her Pilates citification through BASI's comprehensive training program.

Mia loves using the Pilates Method to enhance her athletic performance. 

Cindy Basco



A Seattle native, Cindy worked her way down the west coast performing at regional theaters along the way. When she arrived in Los Angeles, she took a Pilates class and fell in love with the Pilates method, exercise that was so challenging and yet so much fun! After practicing Pilates for 5 years, noticing the changes in her body and realizing she was stronger and more flexible than ever, she realized she was passionate about sharing Pilates with others.  So in 2004, she got her formal teaching certification from 2nd generation master teacher Jillian Hessel. Cindy enjoys personalizing each session according to what the body needs that day so by the end of your session you feel stronger, taller, flexible, relaxed and more invigorated than when you arrived.

Stephanie Davari


Originally from Colorado, Stephanie discovered Pilates over a decade ago and quickly became a strong believer in the power behind the method. Growing up in the Rocky Mountains, her passion for a healthy and active lifestyle was instilled at a young age; leading her to gain a Bachelor’s degree in Human Nutrition-Dietetics and become a comprehensively trained Pilates instructor. She specializes in Nutrition and Pilates through Pregnancy (BASI-certified).

Stephanie strives to empower her clients to live their best lives through a strong and well-nourished body. You will find her classes are approachable and creative to suit clients of all levels, motivating them to connect to their bodies and celebrate their abilities. She wants you to have a positive experience, leaving your session feeling empowered and ready for whatever life has to offer. 

The Pilates Body Family

Nicole Fucaloro



Nicole has studied Pilates at Balanced Body University and at Core Conditioning. With a longtime love of movement, she has also studied ballet, modern dance, and world dance with a variety of East Indian styles, such as such as Kathak, Classical, and Indonesian. Nicole is an outdoor enthusiast who stays active by biking, running and hiking. She is currently working on her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Program and enjoys sharing her love of Pilates and movement with her clients.

Margaret Chapman



Margaret Chapman is a Los Angles transplant, originally from New Jersey, who worked in the world of musical theater for years. Always playing around with the idea of going into personal training, her husband, a successful massage therapist and chiropractor, supported her in getting her pilates teacher certification. Margaret received a classical base training, with contemporary auxiliary and Fletcher influences. Margaret’s style of teaching incorporates the classical practices of Joseph Pilates with other contemporary exercises, passed down from generations of pilates instructors and fitness experts. She tailors every session to each client’s specific needs. Her goal is to make every client feel like their body gets stronger and stronger with every session, helping them look and feel their best!



Originally from Chicago, Kirstie moved to Los Angeles to pursue a professional career in commercial dance and choreography. After recurring injuries and instabilities caused by a strenuous dance practice, Kirstie tried Pilates to improve her overall wellness and has been doing it for over 7 years. Fellow dancers became her first students, even though she was not certified in Pilates. Kirstie enjoyed sharing her Pilates knowledge, so she decided to enter a certification program and make Pilates part of her dance and fitness repertoire. Kirstie’s mission is to share her light and passion with the world about what Pilates is, and what it can do for every body, every where, at every age. She “pledges” to not stop learning and growing to better help herself and her students.

Mari Brown


Mari Brown was first introduced to the wonders of Pilates 10 years ago when she was recovering from an ankle injury. As a classically-trained ballet dancer, she was looking for a way to keep her body strong and well-conditioned while she waited for her ankle to heal fully. In her first session, she discovered that Pilates challenged her body in ways it had never been challenged before. Upon her return to the ballet studio, she noticed significant improvements in her ballet technique simply from adding Pilates into her weekly routine. Years later, after receiving her BFA in Dance Performance and minor in Psychology from UC Irvine, she decided to get certified to teach Pilates through the Pilates Center of Orange County. Initially, she became certified as a way to support herself financially while pursuing ballet professionally. However, as she began teaching regularly, she fell in love with Pilates all over again. She believes Pilates truly is life-changing, and loves having the opportunity to watch her clients progress into stronger, healthier individuals. Now no longer pursuing dance, Mari is completing prerequisites for pharmacy school when she’s not in the studio.

Erin DeCoursey


Erin DeCoursey started studying Pilates in high school after being diagnosed with scoliosis. She continued studying while attending Point Park University, receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree. Inspired by the changes she saw in her body, Erin decided to become a Pilates instructor so she could share the benefits of Pilates with others. She received her certification in Pilates Mat, Reformer, Chair, Tower and Barrel through Balance Body University in Dallas, Texas.  In her teaching, Erin focuses on proper alignment and form, because of her own misalignment.
Erin loves helping people of all fitness levels reach their fitness goals!

Kathleen Chen


Kathleen received her Pilates certification in 2003 at the prestigious Long Beach Dance Conditioning and has been teaching continuously for over 15 years.  She was introduced to Pilates through dance and discovered that it fulfilled her body, soul and mind!  

Kathleen has extensive experience teaching mat, group equipment, semi-private and private classes.  Her favorite teaching setting is the private session for its intimate focus and fine-tuning.  Her dance background informs her teaching through personalizing workouts based on the client’s body, needs, and goals. To maximize results, she loves to use accessories to modify the exercise for the individual.  

Antony Ferguson


Born and raised in London, England, Antony Ferguson is quite the accomplished Renaissance man. Antony is a former British professional rugby player with a background in classical ballet and theater. While a pro-athlete in England’s Premier League, Pilates was part of his daily maintenance workout routine. Pilates helped Antony not only play better, but recover more quickly from injuries.  Upon retirement, Antony moved to New York, and began studying with many of the “first generation” Pilates teachers.  In his 20 or so years of teaching, Antony has worked with elite to armchair athletes, golf pros to prenatal clients, and everything in between. Form and function are very important, but even more so having fun.  Antony wants you to have fun, and take away what you learn in his classes to enhance daily activities.  Named “LA Weekly’s “ Best Pilates Instructor, Antony “puts his students through their slow, measured, excruciating paces with a refined flair for alignment tips and commentary that has you laughing as you try to breathe deeply and engage your core.” 

Richie Olson

Front Desk

West coast born and raised, Richie leads an active lifestyle. He enjoys hiking, camping, the beach, and fitness. In his spare time, he’s busy writing and performing music with his group “U4iA.”

Melinda Rota


Melinda began practicing Pilates as a high school athlete and rekindled her love affair after the birth of her daughter in 2011. Being able to reestablish the mind-body connections that get lost or misaligned during pregnancy and nursing was monumental; however, it was her husband's health crisis that was the impetus to complete her teacher training. Studying under the mentorship of Andromeda Stevens and Kelli Altounian of Pilates Sport Center, Melinda credits the Pilates method with bringing her family back to health. “I feel like we've been given a second chance at life and I want to help others achieve their health and fitness goals,” she says. “Whether you're looking to gain strength, rehab from injury or create your ultimate Pilates figure, Pilates is for every body!” 

Melinda continues her Pilates education by attending workshops and classes because she sees Pilates as a journey where there is always progress to be made and new developments to uncover and share.